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DLG - Doctors Licensure Group, Inc.

Enterprise Medical Recruiting

A4M Anti-Aging

“The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M; www.worldhealth.net) welcomes Physician Crossroads as a supporter of our educational endeavors. PhysicianCrossroads.com has provided and introduced A4M—s educational programming to their physician audience. Doing so provided invaluable exposure as part of our overall event marketing strategy.

The A4M recommends PhysicianCrossroads.com as a medium by which anti-aging physicians may will find their staffing for this fast-growing medical specialty.”

C. Cebula
Vice President Publishing & Communications
A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Sea Courses CME Cruises

“Physician Crossroads has excelled at promotions resulting in generating leads and bookings for our upcoming CME cruise.  Their marketing and sales savvy has enabled our company to grow our database of new Physician and CME/ Symposium clients.  I highly recommend PhysicianCrossroads.com  for any company desiring to promote their products and/or services to an internet community of hundreds of thousands of physicians!”

Martin Gerretsen MD, ECC
Director of Continuing Education
Sea Courses Cruises

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Bernie the St. Bernard
Bernie the St. Bernard

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