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John Paju
A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), John Paju has served as a staffing consultant to hospital systems and physician groups since 1969. He was the first person to provide locum tenen specialists in anesthesia for temporary assignment to hospitals and clinics nationwide, earning him the recruiting industry's nod as "Mr. Anesthesia." Paju has provided staffing to such noted medical organizations as Mayo Clinic, Kaiser-Permanente, HCA, Adventist Health, Sutter, Shriners, Universities, Military and VA facilities, providing all specialties of physicians and advanced health care professionals. "I'm passionate about connecting excellent health care providers who fill my clients' needs." he says. When not at work, he seeks to make the world a better place. Among his many activities is leading a Bible study at a juvenile detention center. He also enjoys traveling, and has visited all 50 states and numerous countries around the world. Linked In
Bohdan Lechnowsky is the technical expert behind, having worked with computers since he was 12 years old. He has been involved in several businesses since 1985, including founding two computer companies. Since 1998 Lechnowsky has worked as an IT Consultant for John Paju in the medical field. He comes from a family steeped in medicine-his mother and sister-in-law are physical therapists, and another sister-in-law is a nephrologist. An admirer of well-designed new technology, Lechnowsky enjoys using his creativity to solve problems and create products to help others. Computers represent a hobby as well, with Bo using his skills to develop a Bible software program for real-time video display and a computer-controlled lighting system for his church. A father of four and husband since 1991, he enjoys human-powered vehicles, outdoor activities, and many other activities.

Vicky Vega has handled multiple duties in her 20 years with our medical businesses, most recently handling travel arrangements for doctors and healthcare proffesionals assigned to temporary positions across the nation. A capable and talented customer service representative.
Jaylene Sisneros has been with our medical services company for 21 years, following two years of experience in retailing. She handles a variety of tasks as Chief Administrative Officer. Her goal is excellence in client services.

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Badmus Law Firm
Keeping abreast of current and constantly changing immigration law, how it applies to medical professionals legally working in the United States, and how these laws would impact the businesses employing them requires close monitoring. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that healthcare professionals, recruiters and employers consult with legal professionals such as Badmus Law Firm as their immigration counsel and makes for good legal "preventative medicine" !
Enterprise Medical Recruiting
As one of the leading physician recruiting and consulting organizations in North America, Enterprise Medical Recruiting is committed to leading the market by offering an experienced staff and superior, personalized service. EMS offers healthcare organizations cost-effective and efficient recruiting solutions. Enterprise Medical Recruiting also does International Recruiting.

A4M Anti-Aging
Dr. Klatz co-founded the National Academy of Sports Medicine, which provides medical specialty training in musculoskeletal rehabilitation, conditioning, physical fitness, and exercise to 35,000 healthcare professionals internationally. He is a founder and key patent developer for Organ Recovery Systems, biomedical research company focusing on technologies for brain resuscitation, trauma and emergency medicine, organ transplant and blood preservation.

HealthCareSource Insurance
Today physicians are practicing in a wide variety of healthcare settings and locations. New procedures and treatments are evolving quickly. The focus of HSI is to help you stay on the forefront of medical developments in order to adequately cover your risk and address your liability concerns in this fast paced medical world.

Welcome to Sea Courses Cruises - specialists in creating the ideal cruise conference. Physician owned and operated, we are recognized as leaders in health care conferences at sea. Our courses cover a wide range of specialties in medicine and dentistry. The programs are designed to provide education with plenty of practical take-home tips, to create opportunities for networking between faculty and participants, and to foster health, wellness, and rejuvenation.

VestaCare has developed a suite of patent-pending software tools that are compatible with ANY Medical Office Billing Software. Our system updates your billing to post electronic funds from Medicare, Blue Cross and other Payors automatically when funds are deposited. It eliminates all the tedious, manual posting most software requires today, while recovering on average $6,000 per month per doctor in unnecessary write-offs!

Martin Gerretsen

Martin Gerretsen, MD MCFP ECC 
Director of Continuing Health Education

Martin is co-owner of Sea Courses Cruises. He is a family physician specializing in addictions medicine and has been involved in the development of CME conferences for over twenty years.

He has built Sea Course's CME at SEA™ with a true doctor's perspective, as a facilitator of “must know” information that is pertinent for today's medical practice. He builds his program on practitioners' feedback of desires and needs.

He is also an Elite Cruise Counsellor and Luxury Cruise Specialist and has sailed on over eighty five cruises onboard twenty different cruise lines and to all seven continents.

Dr. Ronald Klatz
Dr. Ronald Klatz, who coined the term "anti-aging medicine," is recognized as a leading authority in the new clinical science of anti-aging medicine. Since 1981, Dr. Klatz has been integral in the pioneering exploration of new therapies for the treatment and prevention of age-related degenerative diseases. He is the physician founder and President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine Inc. ("A4M"), a non-profit medical organization dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. As a world-renowned expert in anti-aging medicine, Dr. Klatz is a popular lecturer at A4M sponsored/co-supported events in anti-aging medicine. He is instrumental in the continuing development of A4M's educational website,, with an Internet audience exceeding 500,000 viewers, for which he serves as Medical Advisor.

Dr. Arthur Diamond
Dr. Arthur Diamond, a National Institute of Health (NIH) Fellow in Diagnostic Radiology, has practiced for over 35 years. In 1985, Dr. Diamond stopped doing hospital based interventional radiology and became a pioneer in outpatient Radiology services. He has also served on the Breast Subcommittee for Scientific Exhibits of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA), and has published 18 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Amir H. Soas
Dr. Amir H. Soas conducted healthcare administration training programs in more developed countries such as the Gulf States. He states"I consulted with the Saudis with regards to the development of the frame work to create the first hospice and long term care facilities in the Kingdom, which marks a significant cultural shift in elderly health and long term care.

Julie Vails, M.D.
Dr. Julie Vails has spent the last seven years in private practice creating an absolutely incredible business which runs like a well oiled machine. She has also spent several of those years working for larger organizations in executive medical administration and found that she likes that even more.

Anna Estrada, M.D.
Dr. Anna Estrada has been an anesthesiologist since 1986 and is currently doing mostly locum work in the San Francisco Bay area.  She has volunteered on numerous occasions for medical mission trips focusing on cleft lip and palate repairs on children in Latin America. But the part of Anna's life that sets her apart is her music - she recently released the hit Brazillian/Latin Jazz Album, Soñando Vuelos.

Dr. Darol Bonander, O.D.
Dr. Darol Bonander is an Optometrist, who has been very involved with volunteer work throughout his career. What began as a single mission trip has now blossomed into an highly streamline and effective program of bringing teaching and eye care to poor areas in Africa. He believes it is best to teach locals how to do things for themselves so that change lasts after the helpers leave.

Nicholas Comninellis, MD/MPH
Dr. Nicholas Comninellis is the founder of the Institute for International Medicine (INMED), a non-profit organization that trains physicians for leadership in international health and medical missions. They offer a distinctive course of study for medical students and resident physicians. Graduates will go on to work in the medical mission field.

Dr. Robert Clemens
When Dr. Robert Clemens began his practice, he was the only Anesthesiologist, and required to do his own billing. Having obtained a MBA and a PhD in marketing along with his medical degree, he set up a successful billing system. Others asked Dr. Clemens if he would do their billing and his fledgling billing system quickly grew into Medical Billing Associates, Inc (MBA). Since then, MBA has expanded their services to include billing for Pathology and Emergency Room Physician services.

Dr. Glenn Strauss
Dr. Glenn Strauss developed a new procedure specifically developed to care for the type of cataract found in Africa. The small incision, manual procedure, utilizes a tunnel approach to remove the affected lens. The tunnel also acts as a self-sealing valve. Since no sutures are required, recovery time is shortened. He now serves full time with Mercy Ships - both strive to train and mentor both local doctors and missionary volunteers committed to working with the poor.

Dr. Mona Counts
Dr. Mona Counts co-founded Primary Care Center of Mt. Morris and later, their mobile clinic to address the specific problems of the people within rural Pennsylvania. Having been involved in teaching and developing Nurse Practitioner programs for over 24 years, she decided to run the clinic using Nurse Practitioners exclusively - the first such clinic in the nation. She teaches others how to implement "Culturally Specific Health Care".

Dr. Geni Bennetts
Dr. Geni Bennetts' career as a Pediatric Oncologist spanned a period of 22 years. During these years, she directed and participated in numerous programs designed to help those she had dedicated her career to, kids with cancer . As I interviewed her, she told me that it had been a rewarding career and added, "When I started, the survival rate was 30% and when I retired, it was up to 70%. Today, the survival rate is 80%." Dr. Bennetts credit this to advances in science.

Dr. Gervacio Diaz
Dr. Gervacio Diaz, specializes in internal medicine and has developed a successful practice in the the city of Modesto, CA. Realizing, the long hours and pressures of working in medicine, mixed with family responsibilities, were taking a toll on his health, he began cycling as exercise. Dr. Diaz now finds that it is much easier to encourage his patients to loose weight and become more active now that he has done it himself.

Dr. Linda Halderman
Dr. Linda Halderman recently traveled to American Samoa to help the people after a disastererous earthquake followed by three tsunamis. She shares her experiences and her renewed connection to her profession and colleagues, finding it to be one of the most rewarding experience of her professional career. Her article shares the continuing needs of this small island.

Todd Stephens, MD, DTM&H
Dr. Samuel Todd Stephens served as a medical missionary in Kenya and Rwanda after completing a diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium in French. In 2006, he helped develop an International Family Medicine Fellowship for Via Christi to teach other interested in medical missionary work.

Geri-Ann Galanti, PhD
Geri-Ann Galanti, with a PhD in Medical Anthropology, has spent much of her career teaching nurses and medical students how to provide culturally competent care. She is best known for her book, Caring for Patients From Different Cultures, now in its 4th edition. It contains over 250 case studies of incidents influenced by cultural differences and various solutions available.

Dr. Joseph Smiddy
Dr. Joseph Smiddy is a pulmonologist who practices in Kingsport, Tennessee, near the border with Virginia. Known as a coal mine belt, southwest Virginia has a high incidence of mine workers with lung disease. The Appalachians have a multitude of health-related lung problems. Deciding better X-ray technology was necessary to diagnose lung disease, Dr. Smiddy purchased and customized an 18-wheel tractor-trailor that would enable him to take the treatment directly to the people in need.

Gary M. Taff, MD
Gary M. Taff, MD, has 25 years experience in Emergency Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Urgent Care and Primary Care. He's directed several hospital emergency departments in Southern California, and in 1983, opened one of the nations' first urgent care centers. Dr. Taff's achievements have earned him several awards. He currently gives seminars spanning topics ranging from occupational medicine to investing principles geared towards the medical professional.
Dr. Robert Stevenson
Dr. Bob Stephenson is currently a traveling locum Radiologist. He has 25 years experience in full time practice and 6 years as a locum Radiologist. He has recently been honored by a major locum tenens organization as their "Physician of the Year". During his career there were several years he was nominated as "Teacher of the Year" at various medical schools as a trainer and lecturer for radiology techs, residents and interns. Bob works for several locum organizations as an independent contractor as his scheduling allows.
Susan S. Schommer, MD
Dr. Susan S. Schommer works as a locum tenens general surgeon. Having been a Peace Corps volunteer in small villages in Africa, and having practiced in an area with many rural patients, it was natural for her to continue working with people in rather remote areas. She spent several years working at four different hospitals on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and New Mexico. Other jobs have taken her to rural areas where many of the people tend to be poor, from rural northern California to rural Ohio and rural New Mexico. Currently she is working on the island of Kauai.