The Dental Assistant shall perform a full range of comprehensive Dental Assistant procedures and practices on site, using Government furnished facilities, equipment and supplies to a variety of patients to support The United States Coast Guard (USCG). This mission of the USCG Health Services Program is to provide health care to active duty and reserve members in support of USCG mission, to ensure the medical and dental readiness of all USCG members to maintain ability for world-wide deployments.

>This position is notional and contingent upon contract award.

All services shall be provided in accordance with established standards, principles and ethics of the profession, applicable professional specialty organizations, and the high-quality standard for which CHS is recognized.


This position is based in Cape May, NJ.

Perform and/or provide direction and support for the following services:
•Routine workload will be in response to government demand in the form of Dental Officer prescription and the regularly scheduled dental checkups and maintenance program of all residents. Primary workload is a result of appointments for outpatient and inpatient clients in response to the dental clinic’s approved dental treatment schedule.
•The work environment involves risks typically associated with the performance of clinical dental procedures. The health care worker will maintain the concept of universal precautions.
•Is responsible for a full range of dental assistant procedures in support of the Dental Office: examinations, delivery of treatment under the “four handed dentistry” format within the personnel and equipment capabilities and limitations imposed by the Dental Assistant Practice Acts, or similar regulations, of the state of the facility. Additionally; the healthcare worker shall aid in the provision, and within the limitations imposed by the Dental Assistant Practice Acts, or similar regulations, of the State where services provided, of mandated dental surveillance and preventive services and the quality and timeliness of treatment records and reports required to document procedures performed and care provided. The healthcare worker shall refer patients who present with a complaint to staff dentists for evaluation and continuation of care and shall attend multidisciplinary treatment team meetings on behalf of the dental officers.
•Treat all Active Duty beneficiaries presented for care.
•Actual healthcare worker clinical activity will be a function of the overall demand for dental assistant services. Healthcare worker productivity is expected to be comparable to that of other dental assistants assigned to the same facility and authorized the same scope of practice.
•Provide for the examination, treatment, and disposition of patients compatible with the Dental Clinic’s operating capacity and equipment.
•Coordinate with other health care departments and the clinic staff to provide complete care to patients.
•Provide training to staff for routine dental assistant activities and procedures so that the benefit of routine care can be accrued.
•Maintain patient records in accordance with external accreditation organizations and established Coast Guard dental records maintenance requirements.
•Select and arrange instruments and prepare setups for patient treatment.
•Assist during patient examination and treatment.
•Assist during administration of anesthesia.
•Assist in placement and removal or sutures.
•Instruct in basic oral hygiene care.
•Prepare restorative and impression materials.
•Dispose of contaminated waste in accordance with the standard procedures of the Dental clinic.
•Load and unload radiographic film cassettes.
•Expose bitewing, periapical and occlusal film utilizing bisecting angle or paralleling radiographic techniques.
•Perform radiographic darkroom procedures to include manual and automatic film processing.
•Shall maintain his or her operatory to meet the clinic’s standards, and may be assigned other duties as directed by the Clinic Administrator.
•Inventory medicine and drug stocks to ensure adequate supplies and controls.
•Maintains Health Record checkout file.
•Inputs daily patient information into Clinic’s healthcare information systems.
•Schedules and tracks consultations for specialty care.
•Maintains referral log and notifies patients of appointments.
•Reviews and verifies patient eligibility for care in accordance with Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS) computer system guidelines.
•Prepare and submit appropriate documentation as specified in applicable regulations.
•Provides immediate evaluation and management of emergent problems as they occur in addition to regular scheduled appointments.
•Perform digital radiology procedures to include radiograph image management on computer software program.

Required Skills

•Certificate or Associate degree as a dental assistant/technician from a state accredited program and 12 months experience within the preceding 36 months, or;
•Certification from a military dental technician or dental assistant ‘‘A’’ school and 12 months experience within the preceding 36 months, or;
•Certification from a Red Cross Dental Assistant course and 12 months experience within the preceding 36 months, or;
•36 months experience within the preceding 60 months as a dental assistant in a private practice, or;
•Membership in good standing with the American Association of Dental Assistants with required continuing education and 12 months experience with in the preceding 36 months, or;
•Graduated from a state-accredited program for dental assistants or dental technology within the preceding 12 months.
•Certification or permit for use of dental x-ray equipment.
•A current certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS) for the Health Care Provider by the American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross (ARC), American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI), or the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).

Required Experience


•Performs duties in a safe manner. Follows the corporate safety policy.
•Participates and supports safety meetings, training and goals.
•Ensures safe operating conditions within area of responsibility.
•Maintains a clean and orderly work area.
•Greets and receives patients and directs them to appropriate care.
•Receives and screens telephone calls.
•Files and maintains Healthcare records.
•Files healthcare reports in health records.


•Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment.
•Work involves sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time.
•May require bending, stooping and lifting up to 15 lbs.
•Good eye/hand coordination required.

Job #MC 76590-120
Lucy Jensen
Dental Assistant
Cape May, NJ
Employment Status:
Permanent Full-Time
State License Requirement:
New Jersey
Minimum Experience:
1—3 Years
Date Posted: