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February 17th, 2020
Western Mediterranean CME Cruise; Physical Effects of the Coronavirus; Wounded Warrior Project; Mercy Ships and more
January 17th, 2020
Japanese Explorer CME Cruise; Artificial Kidney Development; River of Refuge and more


December 17th, 2019
The Unlikely Smuggler; Antarctica CME Cruise; Home Front and more
November 17th, 2019
Qatar, Bahrain and The UAE CME Cruise; The Unlikely Smuggler; Wounded Warrior Project and more
October 17th, 2019
Antarctica CME Cruise; The Unlikely Smuggler; Mercy Ships and more
September 17th, 2019
Book: The Unlikely Smuggler; Eastern Asia CME Cruise; Wounded Warrior Project and more
August 17th, 2019
Southern Caribbean CME Cruise; The Unlikely Smuggler Book; Flying Doctors and more
July 17th, 2019
Iberian Adventure CME; River of Refuge; VestaCare and more
June 17th, 2019
Japan, China and Taiwan CME Cruise; Jobs in California; Home Front and more
May 17th, 2019
Burgundy/Provence CME Cruise; VestaPay; Mercy Ships; Jobs and more
April 17th, 2019
Alaska CME Cruise; CMDA Convention and VestaPay
March 17th, 2019
Scandinavia and Russia CME Cruise; Nationwide Jobs and more
February 17th, 2019
South Sea Islands CME Cruise; Abandoned Hospital concept, helps working poor
January 17th, 2019
More ED revenue recovery by VestaCare; Amalfi CME Cruise


December 17th, 2018
Best ED Revenue Solution; China, Vietnam and Thailand CME Cruise
November 17th, 2018
Antarctica CME; Social Media and Clinical Trials; Flying Doctors
October 17th, 2018
South America CME Cruise; CSN Radio; Olive Tree Ministries
September 17th, 2018
Eastern Caribbean CME Cruise; eNewsletter for Sale; Dialysis RN Needed
August 17th, 2018
Japan, Korea and China CME Cruise; Supporting the Home Front AI Program; Helping Troubled Hospitals
July 17th, 2018
Galapagos CME; Jobs in California; Mercy Ships
June 17th, 2018
Bora Bora CME; A4M Thailand; Jobs; Mercy Ships update
May 17th, 2018
Alaska CME; A4M Thailand Conference; RN needed in CA
April 17th, 2018
Cruise Northern Isles CME; Thailand Conference; Hospitals Closing
March 17th, 2018
Bordeaux CME; Flying Doctors; New movie: Ice Dragon
February 17th, 2018
Cruise Scandinavia/Russia CME; Ukiah CA #1 Small Town Needs PT; More!
January 17th, 2018
Normandy CME Cruise; PT position in Number One small town in CA; A4M Spring Congress


December 17th, 2017
CME Cruise to Italy and Croatia, also remember the wounded warriors for Christmas time
November 17th, 2017
India/Sri Lanka CME; Latest Jobs; Rescue Hospital Revenue
October 17th, 2017
Western Caribbean CME; Nationwide Multi-Specialty Jobs; Operation Blessing and HomeFront
September 17th, 2017
South East Asia CME Cruise; Volunteers Needed for Local and National Clinics; New Jobs
August 17th, 2017
Great Barrier Reef CME Cruise; Recent and Popular Jobs; Mercy Ships Volunteers Needed
July 17th, 2017
Caribbean CME Cruise; our Network of Job Boards is growing
June 17th, 2017
Tahiti CME; Unseen wounds of war; Jerusalem video: In Our Hands
May 17th, 2017
European River CME Cruise; Recent and Popular Jobs; Mercy Ships Volunteers Needed
April 17th, 2017
Scandinavia & Russia CME; inMed Boston Courses; Recent and Popular Jobs
March 17th, 2017
Adriatic Sea CME; San Luis Obispo Opportunity; Newest Jobs and more
February 17th, 2017
CME Iceland June 2017; New Jobs; Enterprise; CEP; Mercy Ships Volunteers Needed
January 17th, 2017
Beautiful Bermuda CME Cruise; MedAmerica featured; New and Popular Jobs


December 17th, 2016
Japanese CME Cruise; Newest and Popular Jobs; Christmas Poem
November 17th, 2016
European CME River Cruise; will Trump be good or bad for you and medicine?
October 17th, 2016
CME Cruise to Mexico; New Jobs; MedShare
September 17th, 2016
Caribbean CME Holiday Cruise; Louisiana Flood Volunteer Report and New Jobs
August 17th, 2016
Costa Rica CME; Doctor licensing; and Flying Doctors
July 17th, 2016
Summer CME cruise specials; Metabolic Conference; new job postings; Samaritan's Purse
June 17th, 2016
Hawaii CME cruise; CompHealth Locum Tenens Pioneer
May 17th, 2016
CME Japan, Korea, China; World Health Congress Special
April 17th, 2016
Patagonia CME, Medicare approved Surgicenter for sale, medical meetings and new jobs
March 17th, 2016
CME Cruise to Alaska; Practice for Sale; jobs plus more
February 17th, 2016
Mediterranean CME; latest medical updates and nationwide jobs
January 17th, 2016
CME European River Cruise; Growing Epidemic in US Hospitals


December 17th, 2015
CME cruise to Tahiti and Cook Islands Latest Medical Breakthrough and Recruiter of the Year 2015.
October 27th, 2015
CME Sedona, plus: Dramatic Sea Rescue—The True Story of Dr. Chung.
August 17th, 2015
Compassionate Approach to Securing Patient Payment; Continuing Education Meetings Nationwide.
July 17th, 2015
Latest Medical Innovations for 2015, CME Conferences and Practice Opportunities.
June 17th, 2015
CME CME St. Lawrence Cruise; Top Medical Story; Wounded Warriors to Work.
May 17th, 2015
CME Alaska and Las Vegas; VestaCare AI billing perfection; see Medical Volunteer Info and New Jobs.
April 17th, 2015
Polynesian CME Cruise; Domain Name Assistance; jobs plus more
March 17th, 2015
CME Conference Thailand and Canada St. Lawrence Cruise; jobs plus more
February 17th, 2015
Practice For Sale; Jobs; Wounded Warriors Project; CME Cruise.
January 17th, 2015
CME Speakers Bios—Alaska Cruise; Mercy Ships videos; and Recent jobs.


November 29th, 2014
Summer CME Medical Conference to Alaska; Newest Jobs; and Mercy Ships volunteers needed.
October 31st, 2014
South America-Antarctica CME Cruise - Most Recent Jobs and More.
September 27th, 2014
Pacific CME Cruise Newest - Jobs - CapitalBankCard 90 Day Same as Cash offer.
August 27th, 2014
Caribbean CME Cruise, Crowdfunding Startup Webinars and Meetings, Nationwide Hot Jobs
July 24th, 2014
New Years CME Cruise, Physician Partnership Opportunity, and Hot Jobs
June 20th, 2014
CME Cruise British Isles Newest jobs and urgent need for Mercy Ship Volunteers
May 22nd, 2014
Virtual Nationwide Job Fair NEW CME Cruises plus Vets Vietnam Mission
April 28th, 2014
CME Alaska Cruise, plus Conference List Nationwide New Jobs
March 25th, 2014
Worldpay on PCI Compliance, CME Conference List, and Lots of Jobs
February 27th, 2014
CME Cruise England, Top Ten Medical Breakthroughs, and Recent Job Postings
January 22nd, 2014
Doctor Did You Know, Caribbean Cruise, and Nationwide Jobs


December 18th, 2013
Tahitian CME, AAPS Cash Friendly Practices, and Nationwide Jobs
November 19, 2013
Las Vegas and Galapagos CME Courses, Nationwide Jobs, and Practice Resources
October 16, 2013
CME's at sea, jobs, government shutdown, IHS jobs, Worldpay
September 12, 2013
Three paths to Indian Health Service opportunities - nationwide jobs, practice resources, and CME at sea
August 16, 2013
Use your brain, to change your age, CME Cruise with your family for Christmas
July 02, 2013
Lyme Disease Clinical Study, Encyclopedia of Clinical Anti-Aging Medicine, and Prolotherapy Explained
June 13, 2013
CME at sea and Locum Scheduler and Jobs Jobs Jobs!
May 17, 2013
Bringing jobs to veterans and excercising your brain
April 16, 2013
VestaCare payment automation and Olive oil nourishes brain cells
March 14, 2013
Medicaid contractor loses provider information, is yours among them?
February 8, 2013
CMA President appeals to Physicians to be more alert to Human Trafficking
January 4, 2013
PhysicianCrossroads - Future of Solo and Small Physician Practices


December 11, 2012
IntelliDex RX, a Biotech Showcase and A4M Las Vegas.
November 10, 2012
PhysicianCrossroads.com CME Jobs and Practice Resources.
October 22, 2012
Physician Practice Survival Conference and women's heart health.
September 25, 2012
Tips for getting interviews and a brand new look!
September 6, 2012
Cruise to Boston and Montreal and a Job Opportunity in a Private Clinic in Switzerland
August 2, 2012
Cruise to the United Kingdom and Free Resume Evaluation
June 28, 2012
Obamacare Passes, Read Supreme Court Ruling
June 21, 2012
PhysicianCrossroads.com Announces New E-MD Cyber Crime Protection Insurance
June 15, 2012
Win a Cruise and Anti-Aging Research Updates
May 2012
Longevity Magazine for May. 24; Vitamin D Levels Linked to Alzheimer's Disease
April 2012
Longevity Magazine for Apr. 19; Lucrative Medical Consulting Opportunity Nationwide
March-April 2012
Anti-Aging Issue! Longevity Magazine; Top Anti-Aging Physician Candidate; Two Anti-Aging Opportunities on Either Coast
December 2011-February 2012
Women's Health, Dermatology & Infectious Diseases CME Cruise; Insuring Your Practice Against Unforeseen Risk


September-November 2011
Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine Las Vegas Meeting plus National Society of Cosmetic Physicians
July/August 2011
A4M WorldHealth.net Las Vegas Meeting, Ronald M. Klatz, MD, DO Resume
May/June 2011
CrossRoads in Clinical Care - CME Cruise, Avazzia Medical Technology, MedShare, Charlie W. Shaeffer, MD
March/April 2011
CrossRoads in Clinical Care - CME Cruise, Institute for International Medicine, Gary M. Taff, MD
January/February 2011
Gould Medical Group, Alaska Educational Cruise, Alexander Haig


November/December 2010
Doctors Licensure Group, Inc. (DLG), Sea Courses - Educational Cruising for CME
October 2010
Macjobs.net, MEDICO, Dr. Brigham Temple
Apr/May 2010
Southwest Veterans' Business Resource Center, Inc. (SWVBRC), Chip Dykes
March 2010
Hodges Insurance Services, Inc., Remote Area Medical® (RAM), Stan Brock
February 2010
Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA), Haiti Donation Info, Dr. Joseph Smiddy, Pulmonologist
January 2010
HealthcareSource Insurance, Haiti Donation Info, Geri-Ann Galanti PhD - Medical Anthropologist


December 2009
SeaCourses, ViaChristi International Family Medicine Fellowship, Dr. Todd Stephens, INMED, Swaziland Video
November 2009
VestaCare, Inc. - Automated Payment Manager Solution Suite, Dr. Linda Halderman in American Samoa
October 2009
Yerba Buena Financial Partners, LLC, Gervacio D. Diaz, III, M.D, Reports from American Samoa Disaster Relief
September 2009
Badmus Law Firm, Immigration Solutions at Work - Features & Benefit for Users of PhysicianCrossroads.com
August 2009
Medical HR, Geni A. Bennetts, MD FAAP FAIHQ - From children with cancer to multi-specialty recruiting!
July 2009
Mobile Clinic Project for Middle Appalachia, Mona M. Counts, NP - "Culturally Specific Health Care"
June 2009
Judy Temkin - Locum Tenens USA, Dr. Glenn Strauss - Development of new procedure to treat cataracts in Africa
May 2009
Mercy Ships, Medical HR LLC, Robert Clemens MD MBA PhD
April 2009
PhysicianCrossroads Job Board Matrix, Exploring Medical Missions Conference, Nicholas Comninellis, MD/MPH
March 2009
HealthCare Volunteer, Harold Wilson receives UCC Award, Darol Bonander, O.D.
February 2009
Vets With A Mission, Enterprise Medical Services, Anna Estrada M.D.
January 2009
Cure International, Haven's Family Clinic, Julie Vails M.D.


December 2008
Joni & Friends International Disability Center and 2by2 Medical Outreach, LAM Associates Physician Search
November 2008
MedShare International, Dr. Amir H. Soas
October 2008
Institue for International Medicine, Harold Wilson Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., Dr. Arthur Diamond
September 2008
Operation Medical Libraries, TravelDoctor.com, Dr. Robert Stevenson
August 2008
Jack Sherwood, Mercy Ships, Dr. Susan S. Schommer