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February 17th, 2017
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- Sea Courses: Iceland

- Enterprise Medical Recruiting

- CEP America


- Recent and Popular Jobs

- Worldhealthnet.TV

- Mercy Ships: Volunteers Needed

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7 Day Iceland CME Tour

June 3rd-9th, 2017

Sea Courses: Iceland CME Tour

Iceland is well known for its great variety and beauty in scenery and landscape. It is young and volcanic and each quarter of the island has multiple choices of stunning scenic attractions. Reykjavik, the capital and biggest city, has a reputation of a cultural city that has grown rapidly with extensive and beautiful art, design, music, theater and literature offered on a daily basis and major festivals taking place throughout the year. This trip will let you see many of the spectacular scenes Iceland has to offer including dramatic, volcanic landscape of geysers, hot springs, water falls, glaciers and black sand beaches.


Chronic pain

  • Making the diagnosis and understanding chronic pain
  • Non-pharmacologic approaches to chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia and Central Sensitivity Syndromes: Recent guidelines and management
  • Using the Canadian Guideline for safe and effective use of opioids for Chronic Non-Cancer pain and apply elements into your practice
  • Managing Medical Marihuana 101
  • Transforming the challenging encounter: Skills to improve communication and outcomes


  • Sexual medicine in General Practice
  • Voiding Dysfunction in men
  • Penis problems in primary care P3!
  • Hematuria and UTI
  • PSA is not dead
  • Prostate Cancer


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Enterprise Medical Recruiting

As one of the leading physician recruiting and consulting organizations in North America, Enterprise Medical Services is committed to leading the market by offering an experienced staff and superior, personalized service. EMS offers healthcare organizations cost-effective and efficient recruiting solutions. Enterprise Medical Services also does International Recruiting.

  • Job postings/networking opportunities—At no expense to our healthcare organization clients, we post your positions on web sites , and network and market to residents and fellows. We have determined which job posting services and what marketing techniques will give you the most exposure and are the most successful at reaching the majority of qualified, career-minded physicians.
  • Active marketing—EMS maintains a strong, active sourcing/telemarketing department which our healthcare organization clients can utilize to target specific needs. Additionally, we can develop specific advertising and direct mail campaigns to further reach your market and give additional exposure for your healthcare organization and job postings.
  • Access to our in-house database—As a client, you will have access through your EMS consultant to our extensive database containing over 50,000 physicians.
  • Succession planning—EMS offers a dynamic succession planning program for your healthcare organization, actively working with physicians who are looking toward retirement.
  • Practice start-ups—Our recruiter consultants are the best in the business when it comes to recruiting physicians into an existing practice setting.
  • Thorough candidate profiling—Our system of matching skills, career objectives and priorities with the position reflects your goal of obtaining a permanent solution for your situation. We work closely with our physicians, gaining detailed candidate profiles before the search begins. We have a thorough fact-finding phone interview process, so we are able to find the best possible fit for your job posting, taking into account the following information about the physician:
  • Practice profiling—Our knowledge and experience gained over years of working with the most progressive healthcare organizations in the country means we know what your in-house recruiters are seeking.
  • CV screening—Our experts thoroughly screen each active physician CV we receive.
  • Reference checks—EMS provides initial background and references for each candidate that is tendered an offer due to our efforts.
  • Physician Retention—EMS’ staff works closely with our healthcare organization clients and our physicians, providing personal representation and follow-up every step of the way.
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CEP America

CEP America is one of the leading providers of acute care management and staffing solutions in the nation. Founded in 1975, we now serve more than 6.3 million patients at over 250 practices throughout the United States.

CEP America physicians partner with 30 health systems and serve more than 6.3 million patients nationwide to integrate care and improve patient experiences

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The Best Path for Health Care Professionals Seeking Brighter Futures

Get your jobs maximum exposure through our specialized network trusted by physicians and medical professionals across the country.

  • Place adverts and unlimited jobs across our network.
  • Smart matching connecting physicians to recruiters.
  • Candidates Sent Email Notifications of Your Jobs
  • Your Jobs Will Be Cross-Posted On Our Proprietary Network
  • Inclusion in our widely-read monthly newsletter.

Low starting prices with premium features available.

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The Best Path for Health Care Professionals Seeking Brighter Futures

Candidates search for jobs for free. Simply Create an Account with us and Sign In when you wish to search for jobs.

Once you are logged on you may view an unlimited number of job postings, view company websites, and email company contacts with any questions, etc.

At Physician Crossroads, you control your information. And remember, it’s completely free to you!

Physician Crossroads: The Best Path for Health Care Professionals Seeking Brighter Futures

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Introducing Worldhealthnet.TV

The Internet’s most valuable anti-aging multimedia resource, Worldhealthnet.TV is your one-stop for streaming video sharing the latest advancements related to anti-aging medical diagnostics and therapeutics, advanced preventative medicine, health, fitness, nutrition diet, personal improvement, sports medicine, biotechnology, regenerative medicine and cotninuing medical education.

Special features to include live broadcasts of interactive audio and video programming, as well as multimedia presentations that share the latest advancements related to anti-aging medical diagnostics and therapeutics, advanced preventative medicine, health, fitness, nutrition diet, personal improvement, sports medicine, biotechnology, regenerative medicine and continuing medical education.

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Bringing Hope and Healing to the World’s Poor

Mercy Ships volunteers are selfless servants who bring hope and healing every day to the poorest of the world’s poor. They change lives by delivering the highest quality care to individuals who otherwise would have little access to medical services. But they don’t just change the lives of those they serve. They are changed, as well.

  • Mercy Ships has 1,200 volunteer career staff and crew from 40+ nations, and 2,000 short-term volunteers annually
  • Performed services valued at $748 million, impacting 2.16 million people
  • Performed more than 41,000 operations such as cleft lip and palate, cataract removal, straightening of crossed eyes, orthopaedic and facial reconstruction
  • Treated over 361,000 patients in village clinics with more than 408,000 medical procedures performed
  • Treated over 79,000 dental patients with more than 206,000 dental procedures performed
  • Educated 14,500 local health care workers, who have in turn trained multiple thousands in primary health care
  • Trained local medical professionals in modern health care techniques
  • Completed over 1,058 community development projects focusing on water and sanitation, education, infrastructure development and agriculture
  • Completed over 560 port visits in 53 developing nations and 17 developed nations

Urgent Need for Medical Volunteers and Support Staff

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619 S. State St. Ukiah, CA 95482

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