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August 17th, 2019
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- Sea Courses:
Southern Caribbean Cruise

- The Unlikely Smuggler

- Featured Article

- Dialysis Positions

- VestaPay


- Flying Doctors of America

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10 Night Southern Caribbean CME Cruise

January 2nd-12th, 2020
Fort Lauderdale to the Leeward Antilles

Sea Courses: Southern Caribbean

This course is designed for Family Physicians, Specialists, and Allied Health Care professionals. The aim is to provide evidence-based material as well as practical and relevant clinical pearls that will be easy to implement into one’s medical practice. Conference attendees will be invited to complete a pre-course Needs assessment to facilitate the faculty with the development of their presentations.


Dr. Sol Stern
Topic: Family Medicine & Pain Management

Dr. Robert Stern
Topic: Family Medicine & Practice Management

Sea Courses: Aruba

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The Unlikely Smuggler

The Unlikley Smuggler: An Autobiography by John Paju C.R.N.A

A CRNA who’s life story includes childhood miracles, humorous times, touching experiences, Bible smuggling, and many adventures. From becoming a medic in the Air Force and then eventually a CRNA his adventures impact the lives of many throughout his life. He assisted in the unveiling of the “People’s Temple” deception prior to the “Jonestown Massacre.” He smuggled forbidden bibles and studies to underground Christians behind the lines of communist China and Russia. Then he takes all these adventurous stories to the youth at Juvenile Hall to show them positive life changing possibilities within their own lives.

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Do C-section babies need mum’s microbes? Trials tackle controversial idea

Studies suggest that babies born by caesarean section harbour different microbes than do babies born vaginally.

When a baby passes through its mother’s birth canal, it is bathed in a soup of microbes. Those born by caesarean section (C-section) miss out on this bacterial baptism, and researchers are sharply split on whether that increases the risk of chronic health problems such as obesity and asthma.

A wave of clinical trials now under way could help to settle the question — and feed into the debate over whether seeding babies born by C-section with their mother’s vaginal bacteria is beneficial or potentially harmful. At least four groups of researchers — in the United States, Sweden and China — have begun separate experiments, in which they are swabbing hundreds of C-section babies with their mother’s microbes, while comparing them to a control group. […]

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Number One Small Town in California

Dialysis Tech and Dialysis RN Needed in Number One small town in California

Number one small town in California has an urgent need for a Dialysis Tech and a Dialysis RN. Experience preferred but willing to train. DCI is looking for experienced RN and PCT for in-center dialysis clinic in Ukiah, CA. We have 24 chairs, and run two shifts six days a week.

We have caring staff who go the extra mile for our patients. Looking for the same type of people to hire.


Contact: or call (707) 462-2024 and speak to the manager.

Number One Small Town in California
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If there is one common theme that separates VestaPay from all of the other RCM vendors it is our focus and ability to secure 100% of the patients’ known and unknown liability at time of service. Recovery Cash Management Services

All other vendors, including those touting automated payment plan, fail to address solving the patient payment problem because they continue to follow the current and highly flawed approach of “Chasing” the patient after the statement is generated and the final balance owed is determined. This typically occurs 30-120 days after the treatment date or Time of Service (TOS). It is a particularly acute problem for the Emergency Department, where most hospitals attribute 40-45% of their patient revenue losses.

By focusing on the TOS and avoiding chasing patients, VestaPay revamps this approach. However, it is our core technologies that allow us to be successful in working at the TOS, specifically our Dynamic Balance Adjusting AutoPay plans. Utilizing our Dynamic Balance Adjusting AutoPay plans hospitals can engage patients using a simple estimate at TOS, and secure 100% of the final balance the patient owes.

With the restrictions created by EMTALA, hospitals can’t discuss charges and payments until the patients have been medically screened. And, you can’t have financial counselors questioning the clinical staff about the procedures performed in order to generate an estimate. Further most hospitals have unrestricted patient flow, meaning patients can simply walk out the front door after treatment, by-passing the ED registration desks. How VestaPay addresses all of these problems directly and effectively is what has allowed us to prove success in the ED.

ED Patient Payment and Revenue Management

Securing patient revenue in the ED has typically been challenging for all hospitals and is the source of the largest patient revenue losses. Addressing this problem is compounded by EMTALA regulations limiting financial discussions with patients until after clinical treatment has been rendered. And, many hospitals’ “Exit-door” flow enables patients to simply walk out without rechecking at the registration desks, further undermining attempts to collect payment from patients at time of service.

It is so easy for readers to assume we mean collections, offering auto payment plans, and that we chase the patients that I am generally over stressing the points about our DBA AutoPay plans and our Time-of-Service deployment.

These three things: Advanced Estimating, DBA AutoPay plans and time of service engagement are the primary reasons we are out-performing competition 10 to 1.


  • 40-45% of Total Hospital Bad Debt is ED related
  • EMTALA restrictions prevent patient engagement at check-in
  • Physical floor layout limits patient re-check at discharge
  • Even “advanced” estimators are ineffective
  • Patients frequently arrive at the ED without a method of payment


  • Engage the patient in the clinical area after EMTALA cleared
  • Use of tiered estimates require minimal clinician disruption
  • Dynamic Balance Adjusting AutoPay plans ensure affordability
  • Charity care options secured vs patient default to bad debt
  • Implementing the ED builds support for the full hospital roll-out.
  • Active patient communication management
  • Secures and prevents patient revenue losses

For further info and a personal introduction, contact John Paju at or call (707) 462-1557.

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Your Best Medical Employment Database

Find the job you’re looking for by searching our growing network of specialty boards.

For Sale

Leading medical job search web site: specialist software matching medical professionals with employers; monthly newsletter sent to over 120k active subscribers. Contact John at

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Flying Doctors of America

Flying Doctors of America recruiting in Coeur d'Alene
Flying Doctors of America recruiting in Coeur d'Alene

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Our Purpose—Bringing vital help to the poorest of the poor.

For more than 20 years, Flying Doctors of America has been bringing together physicians, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, other health professionals and non-medical support volunteers to care for people who otherwise would never receive professional medical care. We operate under the “Mother Teresa Principle,” focusing on the poorest of the poor who live in conditions that are difficult for most Americans to imagine. Knowing that someone cares renews hope for these people who live in an otherwise hopeless situation.

With Flying Doctors, everybody wins. The medical and non medical volunteers miss only a few days of work and go on the adventure of a lifetime. Support volunteers serve as translators, team leaders, photographers and healthcare assistants. The individual or corporate sponsors get tax benefits plus the knowledge that they are making a real difference in the world. And most of all, those in need receive first-rate medical care.

Our Past—Launching an effective outreach on a wing and a prayer.

Flying Doctors of America was founded by Allan Gathercoal in 1990 with $700, a wing and a prayer. Today it’s a well known and established non-profit, non-sectarian organization. In the past twenty years the organization has flown more than 200 missions and provided free medical care to over 185,000 children, women and men. Among the areas served are Mexico, South America, Central America, Caribbean, India, Africa, South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia), China and Mongolia.

Known as an effective innovator and entrepreneur, Allan Gathercoal has pioneered churches, businesses and educational programs in California. He has earned graduate degrees in Psychology and Theology and a Doctorate from Columbia Theological Seminary with his focus on religious pluralism. In 1996 he received the “Vision of Race Unity Award.”. Allan has also taught Leadership Development at Emory University.

These credentials are impressive—but the most outstanding attribute Allan possesses is his passion and desire to help those in desperate need.

Our Future—Building long-term relationships with those we serve.

Flying Doctors of America has been providing greatly needed medical care for over twenty years. Our work has been fulfilling and challenging throughout the years. We have built strong lasting relationships with those we serve throughout the world Our Physicians, Dentists, nurses and other medical volunteers have experienced a life changing event by traveling to a third world country and helping the worlds’ poor. Our future is full of potential and we continue to bring hope and healing to the poorest of poor while bringing a sense of joy and accomplishment to the people who give their time and money for this worthy cause.

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P.O. Box 1547, Ukiah, CA 95482

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