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Keeping abreast of current and constantly changing immigration law, how it applies to medical professionals legally working in the United States, and how these laws would impact the businesses employing them requires close monitoring. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that healthcare professionals, recruiters and employers consult with legal professionals such as Badmus Law Firm as their immigration counsel and makes for good legal "preventative medicine" !

Badmus Advantage for Medical Professionals:

Through Badmus Law Firms unique Immigration Prescription Program, medical professionals can win their immigration cases and focus on their careers, rather than their immigration process. Physicians and other medical professionals who use Badmus Law firm get:

  • Confidence.   Badmus Law Firms thorough and detailed case management system presents your best case to the government in the fastest time possible, tracks your applications to make sure they dont fall through government cracks, and has generated approvals for hundreds of physicians like you.

  • Special Expertise.   Because Badmus Law Firm has focused on the special immigration rules for physicians and nurses for over 15 years, you can be confident that we've prescribed the right solution for you and that your application wont be rejected because of outdated information.

  • Peace of mind.   You are never left in the dark and you can focus on your career, rather than immigration concerns. As a client, you get email updates, a private case website that gives you the status of your case at any time, 24 hours a day, and swift responses to your emails and phone calls should you have specific questions or need information.

  • Cost-effective service.   Badmus Law Firm offers reasonable, standard fees based upon the type of process so you will never be surprised about your bill and you can plan your budget accordingly.

Heres what one delighted physician had to say about Badmus Law Firm:

Choosing an immigration lawyer is the most critical decision as far as applying for J-1 waiver is concerned. I was referred to Badmus Law Firm by one of my friends, and I realized later that this was the best decision and it never made me regret. I have come across people going through J-1 waiver process and complaining about their lawyers or not knowing many things about their process. It was entirely different situation with me, since I was given the most accurate information, prompt response every time I contacted them, and whole waiver process was handled in an exceptionally efficient fashion. Lawyers in the law firm are very readily available, which is a huge plus and rare to find in real world. Last, but not the least, I was surprised by the lowest fees for the services which, I'm sure, are much superior to what other people get from celebrity law firms. I can write a whole essay about the qualities of this law firm, but in summary, Badmus Law Firm is the most accurate, efficient, cost effective, and authentic law firm and I would recommend it very highly to every J-1 holder without any hesitation.

-M. Safdar, M.D.

Badmus Advantage for Hospitals and Medical Practices:

The attorneys at Badmus Law Firm help hospitals and medical practices hire foreign national physicians more quickly and easily. The problem medical facilities face is fierce competition for a short supply of doctors. Consequently, they often can't hire enough doctors to service their patients. This can lead to an overburdened staff, longer patient response time, and a reduced patient base. Badmus Law Firm helps solve this problem by eliminating immigration barriers so hospitals and medical facilities can more easily tap into the growing pool of first-rate foreign national physicians and attract and hire these doctors faster than those facilities that dont have an immigration strategy or plan to bring these doctors on board. And, because of Badmus Law Firms extensive experience focusing on the special needs of healthcare facilities, its high success rate, and express processes, clients of Badmus Law Firm are confident that their new doctors can join their staff on time.

If hiring good doctors quickly is important to you, contact Badmus Law Firm, 469-916-7900, and learn more about their Immigration Prescription program so you can effectively maneuver the immigration process to win the race for these physicians.

Recruiter Advantage Program:

As a physician recruiter, an alliance with an immigration attorney can be critical to your success. Email with your full contact information, including address, phone numbers, etc. and request to join the Recruiter Advantage Program. 

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  • Answers to your immigration questions without charge – no more wasted time on placements that won’t work because of immigration issues
  • Priority appointments for your employers and candidates - fast service for faster placements
  • Monthly updates on immigration news affecting physicians, including current availability of Conrad 30 waiver program slots
  • Free educational seminars for you and your clients and candidates
  • A free copy of the Immigration Prescription for your candidates and employers
  • Free announcements of your jobs to our database of physicians
  • Exchange of website links

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