Nathan started Foundersuite because he saw that entrepreneurs, especially first-time founders or those (such as physicians) who have not had formal business training, often make the same common-but-costly mistakes time and time again. Starting a company is a messy and chaotic process, so his goal with Foundersuite is to bring some "order to the chaos." He wants to provide structure, tools, and templates that help founders stay on track and get more done, faster.

With that said, we're just at the beginning of this journey of empowering entrepreneurs. Our starting line up includes these tools:

Software and templates for startup founders.

  • IDEA VALIDATION: This software module helps you hone your business idea, build a summary, and evaluate its potential with our pre-loaded survey questions. It lets you push it out to your network or peer group for instant feedback.

  • INVESTOR CRM: This tool helps you manage multiple investor discussions simultaneously, and it helps you keep track of all To-Dos and Activities in one central place. Stay on top of your funding hunt & raise capital like a pro.

  • PROGRESS TRACKER: This tool helps you log your company's progress and chart major milestones, then push the interactive Progress Chart to your investors, advisors, team, etc. It enables you to keep your supporters in-the-loop, involved, and helping out.

  • TEMPLATE BUNDLES: This is a collection of curated set of checklists, how-tos and sample docs for building an advisory board, hiring employees, pitching to investors, and more.

  • We'll be working on many more tools and have a couple new modules coming out this summer, so stay tuned. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed.

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