News Release Announcement:
We invite discussions with potential strategic partners and verified accredited investors (please refer to for the definition of accredited investor) for our start-up computational linguistic (AI) medication knowledge informatics system. IntelliDex Rx ( has developed a highly precise, visually cued and interpretative drug information system that provides pharmacists, physicians and researchers an advantage over any legacy database/search engine focused at the interaction of the effect of disease states, medications and drug interactions.

The real-time prototype application is based on $63M in R&D over the past 23 years developing the underlying foundation of this technology and IntelliDex has exclusive rights to this technology. The application is focused drug-related knowledge and decision support aiding clinical pre- and post-decisions, unlike typical post-decision transactional pharmacy systems. Information updates daily and at times hourly. EHR/EMR capabilities & MU Stage 2 decision support in design. Application is mHealth ready and also applicable to insurance adjudication, malpractice defense, research, education and other health care functions.

The application performs search, text analysis, categorization, correlation, summarization and inference derivation of structural and textual pharmaceutical information at 50 pages per second in 9 major world languages.

Application is endorsed by two (2) past presidents and a past Chairman of two (2) major US pharmacy organizations.

For additional information email Dr. Alan Dowling PhD, CEO of IntelliDex Rx


The company's mission is to provide high-speed information search of pertinent data for specialized pharmaceutical knowledge workers and is poised to become the leader in specialized data mining and visualization of relationships between the information sought and related information that is inferred from the linguistic analysis of a search request.


IntelliDex Rx is a pre-revenue start-up computational linguistics and natural language processing (NLP) company aimed squarely at the needs of hospital pharmacies, academic research associations and specialty physicians. The product (1) provides an immediate, precise and visually cued drug information retrieval system, (2) helps prevent pharmacy delivery errors and (3) reduces professional liability. The key features of our product is a high-tech application built on core technology protected by over 50 patents from a globally recognized innovator and now supported by the #1 Business Intelligence Fortune 100 Company.

The key features of this highly involved derivative application totally focuses on the needs of pharmacists, offering lightning fast retrieval, visualization, and summarization of key documents at almost 50 pages/second in 9 languages. This highly focused visually presented information actually enables the pharmacist, researcher or other healthcare professional to discover information in its global context.

This highly intelligent software package offers a level of intuitive ease of use that is unavailable anywhere.

Various estimates indicate the potential market to be in excess of $1 billion. Current U.S. hospital segment alone spends in excess of $280 million (estimated $535 million world-wide) on legacy drug information sourcing. The IntelliDex application has the capacity to save clients hours-to-days of costly pharmacist time every week. With all these features we believe we can easily capture 13% of the US market in the first three years of operation.

IntelliDex Management Team

The IntelliDex core team is composed of PharmD's, anesthesiologist, professional software engineers, database designers, systems and interactive application experts as well as administrative, legal and financial executives. The senior staff has a combined equivalent of 120 years in the medical and especially the Pharma field with strong ties to Pharma distribution entities such as GPOs and HMOs.

Core Team

Dr. Alan E. Cremer, Co-Founder & EVP Corporate Development (Ed.D., M.S.Ed.)
Rudy F. Xavier, Co-Founder and COO (M.C.S., M.S.)
Dr. Alan F. Dowling, President & CEO (Ph.D., M.C.S., M.S.)
David Butler, Chief Financial Officer (M.B.A.)
Richard P. Goodkin Esq., Corporate Counsel, Secretary (J.D.)