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  January 2010
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Medical Volunteers - Making a Difference
 ** Haiti Donations Tax Deductible for 2009 Tax **
Due to the scope of need and to encourage donations, the Haiti Assistance Income Tax Incentive Act has been passed - It allows taxpayers to deduct donations made before the end of February from their 2009 returns.
At Physiciancrossroads.com, we continue to recognize and encourage the role medical volunteers make around the world.
The recent disaster in Haiti illustrates this need.
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Many organizations had workers in the country when the earthquake hit - many more are quickly mobilizing teams to help in whatever way they can.
Several of the organizations featured in previous editions of our newsletters are actively participating in Haiti:
  • MedShare: Raising $50,000 to send thousands of vitally needed medical supplies to Haiti to treat injured victims.
  • Joni and Friends: Partnering with churches and other respected non-profit organizations already in Haiti who are asking for our wheelchairs and immediate help.
  • Cure International: Providing doctors to provide urgent medical care.
  • HealthCareVolunteer: Involved with several projects. There are links to the projects on their site.
  • Mercy Ships: Involved with several projects. There are links to the projects on their site.
  • Sea Courses: Donated $10,000 to Medicins san Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).
Another organization we hope to feature in an upcoming issue is Samaritan's Purse. They have information on their site regarding what they do and how you can get involved.
* If you know of an organization or medical professional you feel should be featured in an upcoming edition of our newsletter on PhysicianCrossroads, please let us know.
CME News - Upcoming Event
INMED - "Serving the Forgotten Conference"

INMEDThe recent tragedy in Haiti is an eye-opening reminder that communities in our world exist with an extraordinary number of individuals and families who are forgotten. Were we prepared to respond? How can we improve for the next inevitable disaster that ravages the world?

Often, many people groups are forgotten until something like a major disaster gets the world's attention. Overlooked by the majority and left behind in the dash for progress, these silent persons piece together lives from the leftovers, as they succumb the physical and mental repercussions of neglect. Who are the forgotten? Why should we recognize them? What can be accomplished on their behalf? Participants in the 2010 Exploring Medical Missions Conference will discover who are these invisible persons and how to Serve The Forgotten.
Conference Information          Conference Brochure
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