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Medicaid contractor loses provider's personal information

RALEIGH, N.C. — The contractor building North Carolina's over-budget and overdue Medicaid billing system has lost a thumb drive containing the personal information of thousands of Medicaid providers.

Officials with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and Computer Sciences Corp. announced the loss late Friday afternoon.

According to DHHS, 1,182 North Carolina medical providers were affected, but information regarding more than 50,000 providers nationwide was compromised.

"The only providers involved are those prohibited by the federal government from participating in the Medicare, Medicaid and all other federal health care programs," the company said in a statement. "Following a CSC-couriered interoffice delivery between CSC facilities in North Carolina, a USB thumb drive of medical provider information is unaccounted for. The provider data included

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E-MD Cyber Crime Protection

Doctor did you know that all of your sensitive patient data can fit on one flash drive? Cyber Liability & Data Breach Insurance for Medical Practices. Protect Your Patient's Financial and Medical Data With "E-MD".

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Prolotherapy Pain Management Protege-Mentor Opportunity

Are you a physician seeking a new and exciting career path? Then read on as I am exclusively recruiting to fill a unique once in a lifetime opportunity for one successful candidate (only one opportunity) to enter into a Mentor Protégé role with World Famous Prolotherapy Physician and Author Ross Hauser who is also a recognized Iron Man . His practice is hugely successful in attracting athletes internationally through successfully using Prolotherapy which has proven to accelerate pain relief and the healing of their injuries.

For candidacy consideration send your CV resume and letter of interest directly to John Paju and you will be contacted with further details.

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Most Recent and Popular Jobs

Mar 14th, 2013

Prolotherapy Pain Management Protege-Mentor Opportunity
Worldwide Medical - Chicago , IL
Phoenix Area - Seeking Physician Assistants
CEP America - Sun City , AZ
Southern California - Seeking Emergency Physicians (Wildomar & Murrieta)
CEP America - Wildomar , CA
Intensive care Nurse
Military-Civilian - Alexandria , LA
Internal Medicine
Worldwide Medical Services - Sacramento area , CA
Democratic Partnership Seeking Emergency Physicians; $50K Bonus
CEP America - Owensboro , KY
Assistant Medical Director
Worldwide Medical Services - San Francisco , CA
Internal Medicine - AZ
CEP America - Wildomar , CA
Internal Medicine - OK
Catalina Medical Recruiters - , OK
Physician Assistant & Nurse Practitioner in Central California (Visalia)
CEP America - Visalia , CA

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IntelliDex, Inc. News Release Announcement

We invite discussions with potential strategic partners and verified accredited investors (please refer to for the definition of accredited investor) for our start-up computational linguistic (AI) medication knowledge informatics system. IntelliDex Rx ( has developed a highly precise, visually cued and interpretative drug information system that provides pharmacists, physicians and researchers an advantage over...

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Worldwide Medical

Worldwide Medical is the perfect staffing solution for your company. WWM operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you don't have to.Click the link below to find out more...

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Medicine & Public Health Intensive Hybrid Course in Ft. Worth, TX

Concern over healthcare for all people continues to grow, fueled by economic globalization, worldwide news coverage, and the ease with which an epidemic or disaster in distant lands can affect other nations within hours. There also exists a heartening sense of caring that motivates individuals to respond with compassion and action to those who are most in need.

At the completion of the INMED International Medicine & Public Health Intensive Hybrid Course, students in the context of a low-resource community will be able to:

  • Advocate for literacy, economic development, and effective interventions to promote health and prevent death and disability
  • Prevent, diagnose and treat the leading diseases of poverty
  • Prevent, diagnose and treat HIV infection
  • Assure that healthcare interventions are culturally appropriate
  • Effectively mitigate and respond to disaster events
  • Design effective health interventions as part of a leadership team
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency in relevant clinical skills

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Coffee and Longevity

Assessing parameters of coffee drinking and health among subjects enrolled in the NIH AARP Diet and Health Study, ages 50 to 71 years at the study’s start in 1995/1996, Neal Freedman, from the US National Cancer Institute (NCI; Maryland, USA), and colleagues examined the relationship between coffee drinking and risks of total and cause-specific death. Following the subjects until 2008, the team found was that over the course of follow-up, there was an inverse association between coffee drinking and the risk of death overall and with a number of different causes as well. It was a modest association, and at the top categories of coffee drinking, there was only a 10% to 15% reduction in the risk of dying during follow-up. The association tended ...

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