The MLDP has assembled a team of leading medical and legal experts to create a program designed to be a critical resource to A4M members. In the event that a medical practitioner is facing review by a medical review board or similar organization, the MLDP will immediately review your case, recommend initial action and refer your case to a qualified attorney within our program.In addition, medical practitioners can eduate themselves on the latest significant activities of medical review boards in their respective states or across the nation by having access to MLDP’s databases of cases and other related resources designed to identify and mitigate risk for physician or medically-based practice groups.


Badmus Law Firm

Health Care Legal Firm Keeping abreast of current and constantly changing immigration law, how it applies to medical professionals legally working in the United States, and how these laws would impact the businesses employing them requires close monitoring. Today, more than ever, it is imperative that healthcare professionals, recruiters and employers consult with legal professionals such as Badmus Law Firm as their immigration counsel and makes for good legal “preventative medicine”!