May 2017: Sea Courses Feature

15 Day Magnificent Europe Rivers Cruise

September 1st-15th, 2017
Amsterdam to Budapest

Sea Courses: European River Cruise

See the highlights of Central Europe on this enchanting river cruise between Amsterdam and Budapest. Guided sightseeing in each city shows you the highlights. Cruise through the scenic canals of Amsterdam and the dramatic Rhine Gorge past the legendary Lorelei rock. Spend time in magnificent Cologne, the charming wine village of Rüdesheim, historical Nuremberg, and magical Vienna. Attend a beer tasting in medieval Bamberg and enjoy inside visits of Würzburg’s Bishop’s Residenz, the phenomenal Benedictine Abbey in Melk, and St. Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava. While on board, have your camera ready to capture the scenic beauty, quaint towns, historic buildings, and fascinating architecture dotting the landscape as you sail along.


Overall program objectives: This course is designed for Family Physicians, Specialists, and Allied Health Care professionals. The aim is to provide evidence-based material as well as practical and relevant clinical pearls that will be easy to implement into one’s medical practice. Conference attendees will be invited to complete a pre-course Needs Assessment to facilitate the faculty with the development of their presentations.


  • Top Cardiology Trials in 2016 and what they mean
  • Hypertension from a Primary Care Perspective
  • Heart Failure Paradox
  • Imaging of CAD and how to screen
  • Managing Cardiovascular Risk
  • What you need to know about atrial fibrillation
  • Diet and CVD
  • Cardiology in Women: What’s the Difference?
  • Workshop - Cardiology Cases: What to refer. What to manage by GP

Sports Medicine

  • Exercise Prescription: What’s the Hype?
  • Exercise for Chronic Diseases: Is it too late?
  • Exercise for Pain Management: Brain Aerobics
  • Putting perspective on the Obesity Epidemic: Fit versus Fat


  • Pearls in Dermatology (pediatric, adult & geriatric)
  • Atopic dermatitis and other eczemas
  • Skin pearls in returning travellers
  • Update on psoriasis
  • “Doctor, I have this funny mole.” An Approach to sun damage, sun protection, and skin cancer (enrichment)