The Frightening Facts

  • 57 hospitals have closed since 2010, including 15 in 2015 alone!
  • 130 employees have been fired for every 100 hospital beds
  • Every failing hospital believed they would find a buyer but…
  • None were purchased

The Typical Thought Process

  • “We’re too big and important to fail in our community.” (you’re not)
  • “A white knight buyer will come to our rescue.” (they won’t)
  • “A new buyer will keep us operating as before.” (they won’t)
  • “A new buyer will retain current management.” (they won’t)

So what’s the solution?

You can take immediate action to stop your losses. The only way you can reduce losses fast enough to turn your hospital around financially is securing payment of patient balances. And the only solution you can deploy immediately is VestaPay™. Thanks to a unique combination of data integration, dynamic balance adjustments and social media-based communication, VestaPay ensures that every patient’s payments are secured before they leave your hospital, and that patients will not have to pay more than they owe or can afford.

Unique VestaPay Capabilities

  • Your staff can easily set up every patient on AutoPay immediately, not 4 to 6 months later
  • Your patients receive flexible payment terms instead of one huge bill they cannot afford
  • Automatic Dynamic Balance Adjustment ensures that patients pay only what they owe
  • VestaPay works seamlessly with your hospital billing system and insurance adjustments

Financial Impacts of VestaPay

  • Secure 40% to 60% of patient balance instead of 8% to 15% you are getting now
  • Generate $800,000 in new revenue per month for typical 300-bed hospital
  • No out-of-pocket setup or ongoing costs until VestaPay recovers more than 15% revenue
  • Turn your financials around in 3 to 6 months—the only real “white knight” option you have!

To learn more about how VestaPay can reduce your patient debts, increase your revenue and improve your cash flow, contact John Paju by email or phone (707) 462-1507.